Cecily, rider of gold Tachryleith

Age: 33
Dragon: gold Tachryleith
Profession: Dragonhealer (Jr. Weyrwoman)
Origin: Xanadu Town
Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes. Slender. 5’5″.
* Garrick & Colleen, parents
* Dexter, brother (older; has a wife and kids in Sadrid) and Clair, brother (younger; lives in Xanadu Town and works as a baker)
* Garret, uncle outside the town
* Siccieri and T’osi, notable cousins
* Perseid, son (age 1 year)
* Mahesh, boyfriend-type thing (and Perseid’s father)
* Green Perigee, firelizard
Cecily’s Logs 

Cecily was born and raised in Xanadu Town, the middle child of three. Her parents were Garrick, a teacher; and Colleen, a biologist who stopped working after the birth of Cecily’s sickly younger brother Clair. She was also fortunate enough to have a lot of nearby family in the form of her uncle’s sheep farm just about an hour outside Xanadu Town, and so grew up with a mass of cousins.

She stayed in school as long as she could, going from Xanadu School to the College at sixteen. It was easy for Cecily, always the academic, to test into medical school once she was of eligible age — and so she spent life from then on in eternal medical study, choosing the unusual dual specialty of primary care and psychiatry. Cecily was all over everything and gathered every experience she could, which meant she was almost always in the hospital.

Her qualified student years ended with a few months in practice and then a sudden, unplanned transfer to Azov Weyr after the Weyr’s senior medic made a request for a more junior staffer. Cecily settled in slowly, but got used to Weyr life with the help of newfound friend Zachariah, the Weyrlingmaster’s son. About a year later, she was encouraged to stand for the clutch on the sands, the medics hoping that a greenrider would be able to play ambulance.

Unfortunately for their great plans, Cecily didn’t impress green. It was gold Tachryleith that chose her — just days shy of twenty-four years old and city born and raised, with no dragonriders anywhere in her family. It’s a bit of an understatement to say the Weyr was surprised. (Less surprising was Zachariah’s impression in the same clutch, to blue Chiranth.)

Cecily spent five turns doubling as weyrwoman and medic whenever she could get the chance, and after an injury to Tachryleith’s paw at age five, developed an interest in studying the medicine of dragons. The Weyrleaders thought this a well enough plan, and sent Cecily back home to the town, and back to College where she studied veterinary medicine.

Since her return to the town, Cecily has become once-Head Vet Saira’s assistant, then friend, then therapist, and now is a journeyman dragonhealer under her purview; had her dragon rise to mate over the Xanadu Town Gather and temporarily disgraced the Weyr; actually gained herself a romantic attachment for the first time since bronzerider B’nar; and a son; and actually still has time to pay attention to current scientific research. Somehow.

Tachryleith’s Clutches
y. 249, with B’nar’s bronze Eorialth: 1 brown, 2 blue and 2 green
y. 251, with B’nrar’s bronze Eorialth: Simone and gold Quelzinth, T’zen and bronze Zoanth, J’mey and blue Jeylith, J’li and blue Rauth, Lenny and blue Lymanth, Lise and green Ineirth
y. 254 with D’von‘s brown Gesrith:  F’gan and bronze Fjorkith, C’per and brown Iperenth, A’lan and brown Bagmeth, D’ter and blue Cazarinth, Caitlin and green Turith, Danica and green Quecheenth, Rylee and green Aylienth, H’ron and green Schnorth, Avalie and green Kitath
y. 255, with Y’ros’ bronze Orivath: Leija and gold Kwanjath, K’bar and bronze Ojoth, B’stian and brown Dumath, W’ren and brown Frith, Erin and blue Rodath, H’per and blue Nguth, R’gan and blue Mbereth, N’treb and blue Koldorth, Alys and green Cadeth, Ama and green Lysiliath, Dinah and green Gresalith, D’mik and green Maolinath, Hildegarde and green Grimbeth, Nochtli and green Srinath, P’lo and green Kiesath
y.  258, with Th’deus‘ bronze Leviath: C’kas and bronze Jumieth, E’ron and brown Aedroth, J’hoon and brown Hatuth, J’ro and brown Bhalauth, Zaura and blue Poth, Oseana and blue Feodath, T’ril and blue Koth, E’gen and green Yeonth, Ginger and green Arlith, Kaya and green Mazith, Shika and green Haleth, K’rus and green Amilath, Nissa and green Abath, R’klin and green Quarth

Totals: 50 offspring; 2 gold, 4 bronze, 8 brown, 14 blue and 22 green

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