Aug. 2010: 253.6.21 – 253.8.25

Here are the IC news posts for August 2010, IC dates day 21, month 6, 253 A.L. – day 25, month 8, 253 A.L.

Fog Ball – Sun Aug 1 – Schmitt

The Fog Ball was a roaring success. In the light from the bonfire and in the depths of the fog, people danced, drank, nibbled tasty treats, fought — and the line for contract marriages the next day at the Dome was quite long. Marring the evening, however, was a short protest by demonstrators bearing placards reading “Save our Land” “Council Out” “Elections Now” and chanting. They left before anyone could apprehend them, but not before seizing the Relocation Map and thrusting it into the bonfire.

College vacation – Wed Aug 4 – March

Students at the College are (mostly) looking forward to the two-week break that follows the end of the Council season. For some students, though, wider events have cast a shadow over the holiday, and if you can’t get away, there’s always something that can usefully be done in preparation for the next session.

The annual student show will held about two weeks after teaching resumes. This is an opportunity for all students to show what they can do, and everyone, in whatever stage of study, is expected to exhibit something. The exhibition is open to the public, and acts an informal hiring fair for those senior students who will be looking for work in the next few months.

At the End of Council… – Fri Aug 6 – Skywater

The last day of the Colonial Council Board ended with a flurry of edicts and new laws being posted on all manner of issues. They were apparently in no mood to extend this year’s session despite the extra-ordinary problems Pern is facing and so burnt the midnight oil to finish things before decamping for Boca’s warm shoreline. Many Xanadu residents are breathing a sigh of relief that it is over for the year.

Before they went, a new map was prepared and posted inside the Land Grant Office where it can be seen by request. Firelizard messages went out with the first wave evacuation notices, and where the firelizards returned with the messages unopened, dragonriders have been hired to deliver the messages by hand.

In addition, notices were posted about the staffing of the committees. Cordelia of Fanneshaugh Stakehold has been appointed the chair of Welcoming and Housing, while brownriders D’von and B’jan have been tapped to perform the housing inspections. Xanadu residents can expect all to see a lot of all three of them in the coming weeks.

OOC: The only two IC ones will be Welcoming and Housing and Jobs. If you’re interested in getting involved, grab a wizard.

Weyr Drama – Mon Aug 16 – Skywater

Goldrider Simone issued a formal apology to Xanadu Town residents today, after her queen almost overflew the town during her mating flight. It’s a long standing principle of Azovian weyrwomen that they direct their queens’ flights away from the town.

As to the cause for the abrupt rising that gave almost no warning? It could have been the snap weather change, or maybe that bronzerider T’zen who Simone’s been favoring with visits to her weyr. Or maybe at a little over two turns, it was just Quelzinth’s time. A short flight and brownrider D’wyn’s Reth catching means it’ll be a small clutch and no gold egg for certain. Still, all hatchlings are welcome in the run up to Thread.

OOC: This clutch is NPC, and no on screen impressions will result from it. However, I’ve added the details to +cal so that you may use it in scenes or in background information.

College Show opens – Fri Aug 20 – March

The College Exhibition opened on the first day of Month 8, with a reception for members and guests of the College. Wine flowed freely. Principal Ballard opened the Exhibition with a speech, in which he announced that a number of new scholarships would be offered to deserving students. He also revealed that the College’s plasticians have developed a dye which will be incorporated into all the new Threadproof silicon-based plastic. ‘Safe’ plastic will be easily recognised by its distinctive rose-pink colour. The show is open to all for the whole week, so it’s not too late to drop in.

Quelzinth’s Clutch and other Weyr – Thu Aug 26 – Skywater

The Threadfall training display was sparsely attended – due to the weather, and blue Eilandreth received a bad burn across his wing. Despite it, Xanadu’s wingleader reports that K’den is pleased with the way the wing is flying as well as representing the Weyr. He singled out greenrider Tori for praise – it was apparently her idea for demonstrations.

Azov Weyr’s Quelzinth laid her clutch of seven eggs late last night, waking everyone in the Weyr up. Seven eggs is quite a surprise – a happy one, for such a short flight! There might even be a bronze in that large egg, so they say, and bookies are quite happy to take your marks on the matter. Weyrleader K’den has organized Searchriders to start going out in the morning along with the wings tasked with helping evacuees.

In addition, Maori’s senior Koebelelth rose recently – confirming G’bel as Weyrleader again. As this is the first time Nashita’s gold has risen in four turns and Raquel’s gold just recently rose and hatched a clutch of her own, she evidently intends to stay in power until at least the Pass. A junior queen at Ongola has also risen and will be clutching within the fortnight. Dragon baby boom?

Evacuation Preparation – Fri Aug 27 – Schmitt

The housing for the refugees is getting sorted out, now that the housing inspection is finished. Plans are in the works for the construction of two new residential squares, which will also create jobs for the incoming evacuees. In the meantime, large prefab storage sheds left over from colonial time have been set up on the squares which have the most room, and construction of interior walls and floors to provide the future inhabitants with some measure of comfort and privacy is ongoing. When the construction is finished, donation drives asking for unneeded furniture will be held.

Only about 250 of the 1500 refugees who will be sent to Xanadu Town will need to be housed in private residences. Families will be given priority in the prefabs and to-be-built private housing, leaving single people and older teens to be assigned to host families. While it’s known that they will be expected to pay some rent, nobody’s sure how much, or whether it will be enough to soothe the imposition of having a stranger come to live you.

Squish – Mon Aug 30 – Schmitt

The refugee huts on Lao Square have been erected and take up nearly all the available space. The view out of the square-facing windows is suddenly a lot less pretty.

Saving the books – Wed Sep 1 – March

The College Library, under the leadership of Head of Library Science Ehren, has started a Book Depository Scheme. People who are being relocated have been offered the chance of storing any old books or other useful documents safely in the Library, where they will be copied and then kept safe until their owners can reclaim them. Administration officials who are visiting the soon-to-be-displaced people have been asked to notify them of the scheme, and it’s rumoured that an ancient literary treasure – from Earth, no less – is already being copied at the Library.

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