Year 256

Month 1, Day 25.  Death of Nashita, former Maori Weyrwoman now living at Ierne, and gold Koebeleth.

Month 3

Day 7.  Ierne Stakeholder Tiernan marries Greta, the sister of Azov weyrwoman Nance.  Celebrations include a beach party.

Day 9. Stakeholder Murray Sopers is exiled for his part in the murder of Asha and green Meloth. Others involved in the plastic-smuggling conspiracy are given lesser sentences. A group of regents takes charge until the next Colonial Council session, when the succession will be decided. Sopers’ wife, Renay Lilcamp, is not implicated.

Month 4.

Day 19.  Stakeholder Nelson Greene of the now-evacuated Bankside causes near-chaos in Ostrovsky Square when he attempts to hand out free grain to his former holders, and a large crowd gathers.  This is thought by some to be a ploy to retain their loyalty in the event of elections.

Day 24. The Lao Square bath-house begins charging non-residents for admission.

Month 5.

Day 17.  Azov’s senior queen Tiangliath rises and is caught by Sissorth, making it almost certain that K’den will lead Azov into the Pass.   Soon afterwards, Ongolan junior queen Zahrath is caught by Azov brown Raketh who looks to S’bien, angering Ongola’s leaders as the flight was not open.

Month 6.

Early in the month, Head Vet Saira loses her appeal against the fine imposed on her for damage to goldrider Nance’s apartment.  She is demoted by the College and subsequently resigns, to take up a position as dragonhealer for Azov Weyr, based in Connell Square.

The Colonial Council session is underway throughout this month.  Business includes the launch a scheme to harvest and stockpile timber from areas that will not be protected; evidence from Principal Ballard about the poor state of the College’s finance; public announcement of  Weyr Council decisions that brown dragons will no longer be permitted to chase queens and that Azov’s weyrwoman Simon and gold Quelzinth are to be exchanged for two Ongolan bronzeriders;  a report from the former Weyrleader G’bel about rebuilding work at Sadrid, where large areas are being cleared; and the establishment of a boundary commission to complete the job of redrawing electoral boundaries.  This will report and the results be ratified by a special meeting of the Council in time for elections to be held before the next Council Session.    The Council announced that future construction must use slate and ceramics for Threadproofing rather than plastics. 

Day 7.  Xanadu Town Council announces that in view of unrest, there will be no Fog Ball.  This is not well received. 

Day 21.  A crowd gathers in the Bonfire Square, protesting the cancellation of the Fog Ball and the ongoing land issues.  An effigy of Colonial Council leader Jame Tillek is burned.

Day 28.  The Colonial Council confirms Lady Mina Lilcamp-Sopers, daughter of the former Stakeholders, as Stakeholder of Xanadu.  Her young son is expected to be her heir.

Month 7

Day 19. The College announces restrictions on Library access. Only College staff may now borrow books, and library users who are not College staff or students or hospital staff must pay an annual subscription.

Month 8

Day 7. A gas explosion destroys the Connell Square kitchen.

Day 17. Goldrider Leija moves from weyrlinghood to the Queens’ Wing and becomes an apprentice at the dragonhealing clinic.

Day 21. Head Medic Cody announces at the College Show that medics will now be trained at the hospital, rather than by the College.

Month 9

A large cat (thought to be one of Tubberman’s felines) is killing beasts (and eventually kills a child) in the Rubicon River area. Rubicon River Stakehold offers a bounty for killing it.

Town and Weyr agree that the Gather Ground is owned by the Town, but will be leased to the Weyr; in lieu of rent, the Weyr will allow the Town to organise the annual Gather and to receive the proceeds.

Day 13. Azov Weyr announces that the Connell Square kitchen will be rebuilt and extended, a food service provided, and rents increased to cover the cost. There are some protests from residents to the rent rise. When the new rents are announced, they appear to benefit those who are sharing quarters.

Month 10

Day 17. Work begins on site clearance and rebuilding of the Connell Square kitchen.

Month 11

Xanadu Town’s jetties area suffers an infestation of venomous tunnelsnakes.  Bronzerider L’lei is amongst those bitten.  The snakes are eventually dealt with by teams of those sentenced to community service.

Despite the season, there is a shortage of vegetables in the shops.

Day 19-20.  Xanadu Wing performs poorly in a team event at the Spring Games, and are warned that their performance overall must improve.  The number of weekly drills is increased to four.

Day 25.  Reidel, son of bronzerider L’lei, is sentenced to community service for his part in a bar brawl.  Teenage hunter Raziel, and riders R’gan and V’ris are awarded the bounty for killing the Rubicon feline.  Three valuable emeralds are among items stolen from the Bazaar in a recent wave of thefts.

Month 12

Day 10.  Bronzerider L’lei is arrested for the emerald theft after the stones are recognised by jeweller Shava, from whom he commissioned a setting.  While L’lei is held pending trial, Xanadu riders care for Hiranath.

Day 21.  Leija’s gold Kwanjath rises in her maiden flight over Xanadu town centre and is caught by L’lei’s Hiranath.  The dragons blood on wherries that are being treated by the College vets for the fungal infection that caused the recent firelizard plague, resulting in the grounding of the flight participants and travel restrictions on other Xanadu dragons.

Day 23.  All Xanadu riders except the retired receive letters recalling them to the Weyr, where they will be full-time dragonriders. Students may continue at College until the end of term but must then leave.  Xanadu wing is to be dissolved and its riders split between wings led by B’nar and T’zen.   This causes great anger.  A few riders arrange transfers to Maori Weyr in order to keep their jobs. 

Month 13

Day 7.  Xanadu riders move to the Weyr.  L’lei is released into the Weyr’s custody.  Over subsequent days, the departure of the riders impacts life in town: no transport, no ice, and  rising meat prices.  The fire department asks the Town Council for a budget increase to replace the volunteer dragon firefighters.  The Weyr posts one rider to the hospital for emergencies, on a rota basis.

Day 15.  Kwanjath clutches sixteen eggs, but four are undersized and the gold gives them no attention.

Years End.

A special Colonial Council session meets to revise electoral boundaries.  Young people at Xanadu organise a petition requesting the reinstatement of land grants, and mount a demonstration (with symbolic staking out of ‘land grants’) on the beach during the annual Beach Party.


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