Second Pass MUSH takes place in an alternative Pern timeline that branched from the books at the evacuation of Landing. We are a plot-focused game that allows in-depth exploration of characters and of the game’s themes with an unusual setting for RP and plots. We’re also keen to try new ways of running things.

The game is based in Xanadu Town, on the shores of the Sea of Azov, where the Colonial Administration has its headquarters and Pern’s College and Hospital are also situated. More of the surviving technology is here than anywhere else on the planet. Xanadu is in the coverage area of Azov Weyr, but dragonriders now live in many places, including the town.

Second Pass has:

  • A setting where crafters, holders, traders and dragonriders can mix freely and there are opportunities for characters of all sorts
  • A unique theme that explores Pern in transition.
  • A 2:1 time ratio
  • A low-key approach to Search (see the Search and Weyrlinghood page)
  • Insta-riders, insta-crafters and a roster of adoptable characters and concepts
  • IC positions are not tied to OOC responsibility
  • An XP system that supports in-character goals and bidding in OOC auctions

Find us at: riverdark.net port 1234 or just connect over the web!

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